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Pasilobus, Inc. is a software company based in Seattle, WA, focusing solely on e-commerce technology. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs and developers worldwide by providing them with new tools and platforms for e-commerce.

We have been a remote company from the very beginning. Our team uses office spaces as little as possible, except when we need to meet with clients and partners in person, which we usually do for custom development projects. Pasilobus maintains two physical locations: South Lake Union in Seattle, where its main office is located, and Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Saint Louis, where we keep the ties and collaborations we've developed over the years CIC and Cortex Business Park.

We are proud to have foreseen the remote trend since most people are just now learning about working from home. The people on our team can live and work anywhere they want. On their journey, we will be there for them. This strategy allows us to serve the world by having members worldwide while controlling corporate expansion.

Our Vision

At Pasilobus, we code to make commerce better. When people hear the word commerce, they mostly think of money. On the other hand, the exchange is about more than just money. It is human communication and interaction that lie in the essence of commerce.

We believe there is always a better and more fun way to do commerce, and we want to find and share it with as many people as possible. Because by improving commerce, we will be improving our world. Our mission is to ensure everyone feels included and appreciated through improving commerce.

Businesses must sell online to thrive in today's world. Most firms combine a latticework of distinct tools as they grow on the internet, but they eventually collapse and fall under the weight of disorganization and lack of order.

This is where Pasilobus comes in.

Pasilobus assists growing companies in improving commerce. We create modular tools that work with each other. We provide streamlined support so owners can get the solution they need in a matter of hours. We focus on tools for addressing real-world issues, improving daily routines, and saving time for everyone. What we do takes several forms, and we continuously work to make the system more perfect, but we help groups of people to get their work done — and keep them together — so that they can work best for their customers, with their team, and their company.

Our Story

🛒 Everything started with an online store called "Go for Cheaper" (2013-2014)

Ugurcan studied Industrial Engineering at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville before founding Pasilobus in 2014. During his final semester, he worked on an case study. He determined that Amazon cannot give competitive prices on specific product types and is pressing third-party sellers to reveal their catalogs. With this in mind, he wanted to compare the possibilities of a small business selling a specific catalog against those of huge internet merchants. He was inspired by the excessive consumption of sketchbooks by his architectural designer girlfriend. He established as a sole company, becoming a distributor for Moleskine goods, a world-renowned manufacturer of sketchbooks, art books, and notebooks for designers. He built a tiny supply chain by connecting third-party fulfillment centers, which was difficult due to a lack of integration tools at the time.

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While Ugurcan was coding and developing his system, he realized that better tools for managing supply chain systems would benefit a large portion of the economy. He discovered Shopify at the time, a firm formed two years before for a similar goal, but unlike Ugurcan's intentions, they focused on the storefront side of e-commerce. Shopify wants to attract more talented people to boost its back-end capabilities, so they launched a unique partner program that Ugurcan is very interested in being a part of. This led him to establish "Pasilobus" officially as one of the few Shopify partners in the world.

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💻 The rise of the software company "Pasilobus" (2015 - 2016).

In November 2014, Ugurcan converted Pasilobus into a corporate company, becoming one of the top ten Shopify Experts in the Shopify Expert ranking.

He hired designers to improve the company's branding and marketing professionals to ensure the company's online presence regularly. Because there were few Shopify experts at the time, job requests in the Shopify community were plentiful, so Ugurcan hired more people to manage customer support and sales. So, he built the first Pasilobus team. Following that, Ugurcan moved Pasilobus to Cortex Business Park in downtown St Louis to meet with customers and the team. In 2016, Ugurcan and his team hosted two Shopify Meetups in St. Louis for local Shopify businesses and those interested in Shopify. They then went to the Startup Connection event and won the People's Choice Award.

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After successfully establishing Pasilobus and scaling its services, our team finally had time to focus on the Shopify app store. Since there were approximately a thousand apps in the Shopify app store, despite the ecosystem having 375 thousand merchants, it had enormous potential to reach e-commerce customers (See the resource). As a result, before the end of the year, our team developed the first e-commerce app, Photolock (which became Armor later). We collaborated with major Shopify app companies such as Recharge, Mailchimp, and ShipStation in 2016.

⚙️ Pasilobus e-commerce apps (2017 - 2019).

Following the success of the Photolock app, which is now called Armor, our team created three more apps for Shopify merchants: Promobar (Ticker), Comity (Socialverse), and Offerbox (Hotdeals). Meanwhile, we attended Shopify Unite (San Francisco), Shopify Partners Meetup (Vancouver), F8 (San Francisco), IRCE (Chicago), and Rails Meetups (St.Louis). In 2018 and 2019, Pasilobus also sponsored the global conference Remote.

Pasilobus organized the largest Shopify Meetup event in St.Louis in the summer of 2017, presenting its e-commerce research on the Shopify online shopping experience in Virtual Reality (VR) for the first time and showcasing the Shopify POS technology. Pasilobus returned to the Startup Connection St.Louis event in November 2017 and displayed the Pasilobus Holiday Store in VR.

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At the beginning of 2018, Pasilobus organized a Product Hunt Meetup to bring together tech enthusiasts in St.Louis and showcased some VR shopping applications. After seeing people's interest in VR technology, Ugurcan decided to continue working on VR projects and similar technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). He chose to keep these technologies as a research project because they were new to the e-commerce industry. He helped a research project presented at the ecAADe conference in Poland, "Spatial User Interfaces in Mixed Reality: Online Shopping Experience Design," which proposes the best possible spatial user interface design parameters for the online shopping experience in MR.

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🛍 Returning to opening an online store and the global pandemic (2020 - 2021).

Ugurcan decided to reopen a Shopify store in early 2020, just before the global pandemic, to understand the changing e-commerce environment better and offer new solutions to businesses. According to Ugurcan's research, the maker's industry was expanding, and there were numerous opportunities to incorporate Extended Reality (XR) and 3D technologies such as AR, VR, and MR into this space. As a result, our team created "Maker's Things," then changed the name to "Scientia Book House" for better branding value as an online store for makers. Pasilobus collaborated with major companies such as Arduino, Adafruit, and Seeed on electronic goods and reactivated its previous agreement with Hachette Book Group for this online store project.

As the global pandemic with slowing business, Ugurcan decided to move Pasilobus to Seattle, Washington, near tech development areas and large corporations such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Reality Labs by Meta (Former Facebook).

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🎈 Presenting Pasilobus Cloud Platform (2022-Now).

Our team has been working hard on upcoming app releases of Subscriptions, Speedo, Mail Client, and Customer Support Suite applications, in addition to providing Shopify services remotely. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, organizing local events in Seattle and St. Louis and attending conferences worldwide are on hold. However, our international team has been working remotely, as usual, attending online conferences, events, and panels such as Rails Conference, Ruby Conference, SIGGRAPH, Shopify Partner Townhall, Shopify Unite, Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations Conference, RealTime Conference: The Rise of the Metaverse, Fast Company Innovation Festival, F8 Refresh, XR Midwest Conference, XR & The Future of Retail, Microsoft Ignite, and Facebook Connect throughout the year.

In June 2022, our team was able to attend IRCE 2022 (Retail Innovation Conference) in Chicago, giving a start to our Pasilobus Cloud Platform. Since then, we have been working for the future of e-commerce by developing our platform and adding new features and services for you every day 👋

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