What's New

New updates and improvements to Pasilobus

Bytes Payments

We fixed an issue that occurred when trying purchase Bytes, it now uses Stripe Checkout for a more secure and friction-less process.

Introducing the Bytes Marketplace

Need to add new functionality, analytics, or fix a major issue? Hire us with just one click in the new Bytes Marketplace, available at bytes.pasilobus.com

Pasilobus Cloud has a new UI

With the improvements to Cloud, you can manage your Pasilobus apps and services more easily. We have improved the Dashboard to help you get started with apps as well as a new tips feed so you can sign up for a small task or get ideas on how to use our apps to get your store to the next level.

Quick Start your apps from our cloud dashboard

You may currently login to all of our apps and solutions with a single Pasilobus account. This month, we're adding a new section where you can see all of your associated accounts and launch those apps. Instead of navigating to the login sites for each app, you may start your workflow by logging in to your Pasilobus cloud directly.

Bytes, a quick way to order your service request

Bytes, a quick way to order service requests, is coming back. Bytes is a new section in our platform that is exclusively accessible for Shopify stores. You can choose from a list of common jobs, request site audits, and ask for performance optimization. All with just a few mouse clicks. The platform is semi-automated, which is the most crucial feature of Bytes. It's made for situations when you need a precise result and wants to save money on development.

Introducing Unified Login

You can now manage and access all our apps like Comity, Photolock and Offerbox using a unified Pasilobus account. We also introduced the "Sign up with Pasilobus" button for faster, more secure access.

Simpler & Faster UI for All Apps

We have cleaned up our interface to help you focus on what matters most on our family of apps. No matter what apps you use, you'll perform tasks faster while using the familiar Pasilobus design.

Introducing Offerbox

All your sales, discounts, and promotions in one place. Offerbox is our latest addition to Pasilobus platform. Login to your account to start your trial. Free plan available.

Updated Interface

We made some refinements to the our app's design to make it more consistent and easier to use across different screen sizes. Check it out!

Install the app on your homescreen

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) make web applications behave more like regular apps. You can now install the app on your device and it will show as any other. Try clicking the install prompt when you log in or browse our documentation to know more.