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Content security for eCommerce

Disable right-click, copy-paste, and access from specific countries, check users' ages, and watermark content from a single app.


Start protecting your copyright

Protect Copyright

Your creations matter

Web browsers make it easy to download high-resolution images, so it won't be long before your pictures are used to boost someone else's profits. With Armor, you can show warning messages when someone tries to copy your images.


Image Protection

Prevent image theft

Armor features twenty distinct Locks, each of which can be used to disable right-click, shortcut keys, or bots.


Code Protection

Hide source code

Use one of Armor`s premium features for code protection. When you activate locks, it may not be enough for people with coding knowledge. We offer more security layers for your store by hiding the source code.


Country Restrictions

Block Countries

Countries without solid copyright laws are fertile ground for cloning businesses and products. So, you can block some countries from your store for extra protection.


Age Verifiation

Protect minors

Requesting proof of age from site visitors is a reasonable precaution to take if you sell any age-restricted goods or services.


Works not only as expected but better! Not only it blocks all right-click plagiarism, it also prevents third party apps from stealing images from what I have noticed. Ecomerce needs more developer like these.


Start supercharging your online store

Add Armor to your online store with just a click