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Photolock is now Cybarmor

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When we were doing client work six years ago, one Shopify merchant selling digital photos contacted us and demanded that we disable the right-click functionality on all of their images on their website. We were contacted by another business a week later because we had completed the request. It was a sign that those selling digital art were concerned about the safety of their work.

As a result, we decided to design an app and named it Photolock. We soon discovered that content theft was wreaking havoc on digital artists. Within the first week of the app's release, many merchants contacted us and requested additional features. We did our best throughout the years to meet all of those expectations, and as a result, Photolock became one of the most popular apps in the Shopify app store.

However, we couldn't stop ourselves from developing further concepts for website owners to control the overall customer experience. One idea led to another. Photolock started as a right-click disabler and has expanded to over 20 locks and became a toolkit for online store owners.

Our efforts were also received with disapproval from our peers. The vast majority of them dismissing them as unnecessary, completely naive to how difficult it was to build a front-end security suite that was both effective and fast.

Despite the backlash, plenty of knockoffs entered the app store, prompting Shopify to create further a brand-new security category to protect its customers. Several other developers have put in a significant amount of effort into this category, and we are grateful for the efforts of our colleagues. Front-end security measures are gaining in popularity as the web grows more complex.

After 5 years, we revisited Photolock and concluded that it is far from a photography safety net. It now gives website owners complete control over their online presence. And we needed a brand that highlighted these qualities while also being consistent with the releases we plan to make in the future.

I am happy to announce that Photolock is now Cybarmor.

Cybarmor's goal is to become the ultimate security tool for web admins. We have a lot of things planned for the future, including server-side security. We want to get Cybarmor to the point where it's the best security tool for website owners.

New Feature: Restrictions

This new release couldn't possibly be devoid of new features. You can now prevent visitors from coming from specific countries. This is helpful for websites that must adhere to local copyright rules.

Website owners will also be able to block specific IP addresses in addition to country limitations.

New Watermark Wizard

We're also introducing a new watermark wizard today. Permanent watermarks can now be added to your photo files and encoded. It is released as a beta to select users and will be available to all users later this Fall.

Thank you to all of the users who have helped make the project a success throughout the years. A new adventure has begun, and we will continue to build the features you need to safeguard your website.