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What's new on Pasilobus platform?

· 4 min read

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We have released new features and upgrades to our Shopify apps and the Pasilobus platform. Continue reading for more information on how to make use of the most recent features.

New Watermark Wizard in Cybarmor

We've added a new watermark wizard to Cybarmor. You may now add permanent watermarks to your photographs using this new wizard. Upload the image on which you want to add a watermark, adjust the settings, and save. On the following page, you can download and upload your watermarked image to your online store.

A new and simplified workflow in Comity

In the Comity dashboard this month, we're introducing streamlined post creation. In the past, clicking a time slot on the stream would bring up the inline post editor. It was helpful in quickly creating posts, but not so much when you needed to make numerous posts simultaneously. When you click a slot in this new version, it opens up in a modal where you may create all of your posts at once if you wish.

If simultaneously creating postings isn't your style, we offer another option for you. After you finish writing a post, the editor will ask if you want to write another. To begin planning for a new post, select yes.

New History tab in Comity

There used to be a single post feed where you could see both your old and new posts. We moved the post history to a new page. If you need to see your previous social media postings, go to the top of the page and click History.

Quick Disable Switch in Offerbox and Cybarmor

In both Offerbox and Cybarmor, we're launching a new status page where you can easily toggle all features on and off, as well as fast access to the most regularly utilized areas. Having quick access to this switch is very beneficial when working on your Shopify store. You can quickly deactivate Offerbox and Cybarmor and then reactivate them when you're finished.

Bytes, a quick way to order your service request

Bytes, a quick way to order service requests, is coming back. Bytes is a new section in our platform that is exclusively accessible for Shopify stores. You can choose from a list of popular jobs, request site audits, and ask for performance optimization. All with just a few mouse clicks. The platform is semi-automated, which is the most crucial feature of Bytes. It's made for situations when you need a precise result and want to save money on development.

Performance Improvements

All our apps received significant performance improvements this month. Our apps that add functionality to your storefront, such as Offerbox, now load 40% faster on your store. We create blazing fast apps and will continue to grow our infrastructure around this purpose.

New Video Tutorials

We are adding new video tutorials to your YouTube channel starting this month. Subscribe and hit the bell at the top right of the channel screen to notify new videos.

Quick Start your apps from the Pasilobus cloud dashboard.

You may currently log in to all of our apps and solutions with a single Pasilobus account. This month, we're adding a new section to your, where you can see all of your associated accounts and launch those apps. Instead of navigating to the login sites for each app, you may start your workflow by logging in to your Pasilobus cloud directly.

We will continue to invest in performance, scale, and tools for online creators—the people who make e-Commerce possible—resulting in better commerce and more entrepreneurship worldwide.

Join us and be a part of the future of business.