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A Tale of a Shopify App: From Photolock to Armor

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Once upon a time (around 2016, to be exact :)), one of the Shopify merchants sent us an email. He asked if we could prevent right-clicking on his website because he is tired of having his images stolen from his site. However, he doesn’t want to disable right-clicking permanently. He also wants the ability to turn it on and off as needed. At that moment, instead of hard coding this feature solely for one merchant's store, we thought, why not design a Shopify app with a switch? So, our first app was born, and we called it Photolock.

Photolock received hundreds of downloads within the first month of its release. The first purpose of the app was to prevent right-clicking on images on a website. After Photolock, many similar apps with the same functionalities appeared on the Shopify App store. We saw instances where the app was 100% copied by other developers. As a result, our team decided to expand the software, and included capabilities such as drag and drop locks, copy and paste locks, and screen locks. Photolock had a terrific community with many members and nice branding when we arrived in 2019.

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Just before the global pandemic in 2020, we explored expanding our Pasilobus app suite by providing more e-commerce apps for Shopify firms and all e-commerce businesses. As an outcome, we decided to refresh the identity of not only Photolock’s but the entire Pasilobus brand. We needed a more modern and simplistic typeface and graphic style. Therefore we completely redesigned the website, dashboard, and logo.

We worked hard and concentrated on our apps in 2020 and 2021. We added numerous new features to Photolock, such as country locks and age verification, and realized it was no longer merely a Photo Lock. Perhaps we raced a little too quickly with our excitement about the success of our design and development talents, but we altered our branding yet again, this time publishing it as Cybarmor.

Our goal was to present the Cybarmor app as a robust security solution for an online store. The color modification was made to provide our users a sense of trust by choosing blue-green. And the name matches the app's functions that protect your stores from cyber threats. We preserved the same font style because it has the desired modern and basic qualities. So, with Cybarmor, we abandoned our prior adorable images in favor of more serious ones.

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However, Cybarmor was not the only software we were developing. So, with many apps on our table, we did not do a good job of informing our users about this change. Unfortunately, we lost several users due to inefficient communication. Those uninstalls have become our losses. Furthermore, this issue lowered our ratings in the Shopify App Store, causing potential future users to reconsider using the app in their stores.

Following this branding failure, we accelerated the development of the Pasilobus Platform as one platform for all e-commerce solution concepts. And we soft-launched the Pasilobus Platform this year, in 2022. Cybarmor is now simply Armor :)

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We abandoned individual logos for each app in order to exhibit all of our apps in one Pasilobus dashboard, therefore we utilized the Pasilobus logo instead. However, for better visual communication, we still include some distinct icons when referring to the apps in the Pasilobus dashboard.

Pasilobus Platform is still an ongoing project on which we have been intensively working. We currently have six published apps, three in development, and four in the works. This is a huge step forward for a young firm like ours. And we are thrilled that, thanks to our devoted clients like you, we are finally so close to achieving one of our targets.

Armor is an all-in-one security management solution for your online store, particularly if it is powered by Shopify for now. It secures your photographs and source code, disables right-click and copy-paste, blocks countries and search engines, adds a watermark, and many other features. The majority of the functionality is available for free. Learn more about Armor and how it can help you here:

If you want to contribute, please install Armor in your Shopify store and leave us a review on the app store. We are eager to hear your feedback!