Marketing your startup is a challenge

A true story can be an entrepreneurs true friend.

Pasilobus is almost two years old but we were not working as a team until recently. I was doing a solo play and try to set up the base for the expansion of the company with the support of friends and family.

When we were ready to hire new team members, we started looking for a content creator first. I was not expecting anybody to apply for the position at that time, but a couple of people surprisingly did and we were so lucky to meet Lucas, our current marketing gourmet, I told him that we need him to create an active blog and engage with our customers.

He asked me “Do you want me to manage the entire blog?”, he was surprised to be asked to get full responsibility for a company he had no idea of at that point, but it felt like that’s what we needed for growth. We were so decisive that a blog with tips and quick business advice for customers would attract more customers, and could also be useful for our existing customers. It was our initial strategy to reach out to more people.

It helped to some extent and it probably still can, but that is not the direction we want to follow.

When you start a business, you actually start a branch of research within industries, the progress you make at your own “research” sets the value of your company. Not all companies are taking such a value into account, but we feel like this is how it should be in 21st-century companies.

At Pasilobus we value creativity more than anything. Limitations in the work environment limit creativity. We never want to limit anything for our team.
For us “space” is the biggest limitation that kills creativity, employees should not be limited to cubicles, buildings, cities and even countries.
And perhaps soon enough to planets.

That’s why we embraced remote working at Pasilobus. We are a remote team, traveling long distances, working in different environments to fulfill our potential for greater creativity.

And that comes with it is own challenges, our way of working is the research we are making in the software & e-commerce industry and that’s the story that we want to share in our blog.

We are definitely not the first company that is doing this research and we will not be the last. There are many reputable teams out there, we admire some of them. We learned so many things from their stories and hopefully, we will be able to contribute to this research.

Marketing start-up companies is challenging unless you start sharing your own story.

A true story can be an entrepreneurs true friend.

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