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Pasilobus Holiday Deals 2022

· 2 min read

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We hope that you all had tremendous sales this weekend. Shopify's president Harley Finkelstein reports that this was another record for Shopify stores.

Based on your feedback, we decided to try running our Black Friday campaign after Black Friday weekend this year! You all have a very busy weekend, so it is understandable that most of you require more time to review your store's requirements and plan ahead for 2023.

Here is our offer for this year, starts today and ends Sunday 12/6 midnight PST.

FREE Forever (Limited Time)

Pasilobus Turbo "Page Speed Booster" => Install Now

Pasilobus Confetti "Encourage Customers to shop more" => Install Now

Pasilobus Cookie Bar "Get consent for creating cookies so you can use analytics" => Install Now

90 days free on Premium plan*

Pasilobus Hotdeals "Display your deals in a box" => Install Now

Pasilobus Armor "Protect your website's photos" => Install Now

Pasilobus Socialverse "Automate your social media marketing" => Install Now

*90 days free trial is for first-time installations only


Shopify Small Task - 50% OFF

Need any small changes on your store? Now it is a great time to have those taken care of. 50% discount on small tasks.

Use Discount Coupon: SPEEDHOLIDAY

Click to place an order

Shopify Theme Upgrade - 30% OFF

Upgrade your Shopify stores to be compatible to Online Store 2.0. The service takes about 4 weeks.

Use Discount Coupon: THEMEHOLIDAY

Click to place an order

Shopify Speed Optimization - 30% OFF

This service will increase the user experience and enable lightning speeds when browsing your site. Optimization will also maximize your Google Lighthouse score. The service takes about 4 weeks.

Use Discount Coupon: TASKHOLIDAY

Click to place an order

How to redeem these offers?

  1. Install apps as usual, the discount is automatically applied to your store.

  2. Click the links above to place service orders and then enter the coupon code.

Until next time!