Spending a Day With Shopify Community

Sep 15, 2017
2 min

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting various Shopify developers and agencies, along with some very friendly Shopify folks, in the Vancouver “A Day With Shopify” (ADWS) event.

Spending a Day With Shopify Community

ADWS @ Vancouver

I’ll be honest, I was not too sure what to expect as it was my first Shopify event in person, but I had always heard great things about the Shopify community, mostly from my teammates at Pasilobus.

The all-day event kicked off in Vancouver’s Granville Island with some networking time over muffins and coffee (which is the life source of most developers). After some light chatting, it was time to start the show and Shopify’s own Marcie Murray (Director of Merchant Support) opened the stage with a great keynote about building and scaling remote teams.

Following Marcie’s keynote, it was time for the Shopify community to share their stories and experiences. Various agencies across Canada and the US talked about how they started out their businesses and gave some very insightful speeches. Getting coffee, and snacks in between talks was a great opportunity to meet fellow developers and find new ways to support and grow the Shopify community together. This was also my chance to become a bit selfish and talk about our apps (Photolock, and the upcoming release of Comity).

A Day with Shopify

After our lunch break, we came back to what I found was the most beneficial segment of ADWS, “Lightning Talks”. In this segment, there were multiple app developers and agencies giving brief five-minute presentations on various topics. Mike Potter from Rewind was one of them, and he gave us some great tips to extend the reach of our Shopify Apps. We wrapped up the event with keynotes from Jody Edgar of Sunbowl, and few other Canadian Shopify agencies, and of course some more networking (there may or may not have been beers involved)!

ADWS gave me a great opportunity to meet the Shopify community, and get to know the Shopify team much closer. The community was just amazing in the sense where everyone tried to help each other, even though most people in there were probably competitors by nature. The beauty of this community is that the more we help each other, the bigger the Shopify platform will get, which in turn helps all of us! Meeting part of the Shopify team in person was great as well, and it certainly helped me put a face to people we partner closely with on a regular basis. They were very energetic and were incredibly eager to help each and every one of their partners to grow.
Huge thanks to the whole Shopify team for putting together this great event, and supporting this even greater community. I cannot wait for the next Shopify event!