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Deals Spider

Deals Spider is an app that uses a deals box to direct customers to special offers and increase sales.

Thanks to Deals Spider, you can now have a modern and streamlined storefront without annoying your customers with intrusive pop-up windows and banners.

Deals Spider will hide your discounts and promotions behind a little floating button on every page, allowing your customers to access your deals and promotions at any time.

Customers will not miss out on discount coupons, will be able to easily navigate between the finest discounts on your online store, and will be able to make transactions more quickly.


  • Customizable, mobile-friendly display
  • Coupon codes will appear in your Deals box.
  • Increase cart conversion rates by offering free shipping.
  • Add to cart buttons can be used to define upsell offers.
  • Offers should be scheduled and automated.