Getting Started / Pasilobus Account

Pasilobus Account

A Pasilobus Account gives you access to many Pasilobus products.  

Sign in to your Pasilobus Cloud dashboard to make the most of the Pasilobus services you use. Your account enables you to achieve more by personalizing your Pasilobus experience and providing simple access to your most critical information from any location.

When you sign in, all of the Pasilobus services you use work together to help you with everyday activities. 

Your account provides a uniform experience that you can personalize and manage at any time, regardless of whatever device or Pasilobus service you are using.

In your Pasilobus Cloud dashboard, you can

  • Log in to products and services with a single click.
  • Engage in services for your online store.
  • For troubleshooting, hire e-commerce consulting and services.
  • Browse modular plugins that might help you improve your online store.
  • To make Pasilobus perform better for you, manage your information, privacy, and security.