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Since the internet came into existence, image theft has become a widespread problem. It has now become so easy to download and copy images from the internet. A lot of people fail to realize that they are using someone else’s work without permission, which is copyright infringement.

With Photolock™, you can disable your visitors' ability to save images from your website without permission. Photolock offers powerful features you can customize and adds any level of protection to your site.

From disabling specific mouse and keyboard actions to hiding your source code, using Photolock helps to create a safer environment on your site and present your digital work without fear.


Photolock aims to prevent image theft attempts by an average user. Using Photolock as an added level of security is adequate protection for approximately 99% of site visitors. Photolock cannot prevent site visitors from accessing the codeset of the website and assets embedded in the code due to the architecture of internet browsers. Therefore it cannot provide complete protection against advanced attacks even though there are source-code protection and anti-bot measures available.

Follow the guides to get up and running with Photolock in as little time as possible.