Services / Best Practices

Best Practices

We respectfully urge that merchants follow the procedures below to guarantee that your request is properly executed:

  1. Please always provide a visual when explaining a problem. You can email us screenshots or a brief screencast.
  2. We kindly request that all merchants keep their remarks brief and to the point. Please try to condense your requests into as few emails as possible.
  3. Please wait to hear from our staff before signing up for further work or making new service requests. We do not open concurrent projects for a corporation as a matter of policy.
  4. Please do not send any follow-up emails while the service is in progress. We will notify you as soon as an update is available.
  5. Please do not make any modifications to your store during the service. This may perplex our experts and may lead to errors.
  6. Show your appreciation and admiration for the work that our experts do. This will inspire them to go the extra mile, and you will receive more value from the service.