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Enable AR & VR Shopping on your store

Take part in the metaverse trend by using Extended Reality technologies to open up virtual worlds.


Add interactive shopping to your store

AR Place

Let shoppers place your products in real-world

Using Augmented Reality, your customers can place the 3D model of the products in their rooms from anywhere.


AR Hang

How would that picture look on my wall?

Augmented reality allows your customers try out your products and see what they look like on their walls before they buy them.


AR Cart

Ability to compare multiple products with AR lenses

If your customers can't decide what to buy, they can just put everything in their shopping carts. And ShopXR lets them look at and explore all of them in the same place.


VR Store

Retail shopping from the comfort of home

Create your virtual store with ShopXR and begin your journey into the metaverse.


VR Showcase

Experience a product with its real-world dimensions

Present your products from a different perspective with the power of Virtual Reality. Let customers feel the presence in


Coming Soon

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