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Countdown banners that help you sell

Announcement banners are essential part of a website and often neglected due to hard implementation and complex settings. Not anymore.


Take advantage of effective banners

Multiple Styles

Countdown, News ticker, or simple message

Create a countdown bar or news ticker with a live event indicator to enhance sales or announce your live shopping event. Simple bar is good for general announcements.


Save Banners

Keep your frequent banners in stock

Don't waste time designing the same banner over and over. Ticker allows you to save the best ones and reactivate them whenever you wish.


Schedule Banners

Schedule banners for your future campaigns

Prepare ahead of time by scheduling many sales and events so that they will all be published without any additional effort on your part.


Shopify Online Store 2.0

Preview your banners within Theme Editor

Change the settings of your banners easily in the Shopify Theme Editor.


Coming Soon

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