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Pasilobus helps merchants, agencies, and developers to create better online stores. We build web plugins & Shopify apps that are used on more than 10,000 stores worldwide

Serving globally since 2014

We have been around for a while

But we’ve always stayed true to our principles of reliability and commitment―develop top-quality Shopify apps that bring real value and address issues lightning fast.

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Take your Shopify store to the next level with Pasilobus' suite of cloud-based apps and services. From boosting sales to streamlining your operations, our tools help you grow your online store and succeed in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Apps that just work & never impact speed

  • Augmented Reality

    Bring your products to life with our AR feature!

  • Confetti

    Celebrate occasions with animated confetti!

  • Cookie Bar

    Stay compliant with privacy regulations with our customizable cookie banner

  • Digital Downloads

    Sell digital products with ease

  • Google Analytics 4

    Get detailed insights into your website traffic and customer behavior with our integration with Google Analytics

  • Sales Banners

    Promote sales and special offers with eye-catching banners

  • Magic Decorations

    Add festive decorations to your website with ease

  • Photolock

    Protect your product images from theft with our watermark and right-click disabling features

  • Product Registrations

    Build long-term customer relationships by offering warranty and other benefits through product registration

  • Social

    Boost your online presence and increase your reach with our social media integration

  • Sticky Cart

    Make shopping easy and convenient for customers with our always-visible shopping cart!

  • Turbo

    Speed up your website's loading time and improve conversions with our optimization features!

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