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Stay compliant

Stay compliant with privacy regulations and build trust with your customers with Cookie Bar


Stay compliant with privacy regulations

Our GDPR-Compliant Cookie Bar app is fully customizable, matches the style of your store, and covers GDPR compliance, CCPA, and VCDPA.

Simple, fast, and easy to use

Say goodbye to confusing cookie bars that slow down your store. Our Easy-to-Use Cookie Bar app is simple to use, has no effect on your store's speed, and is fully customizable with one-click installation.

Match your store's style

With our Customizable Cookie Bar app, you can create a cookie bar that matches your store's style. Benefit from automated styling and one-click installation to get started quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

🧐 What is the Pasilobus Cookie Bar App?

The Pasilobus Cookie Bar App is a tool designed for Shopify store owners to display a customizable cookie consent bar to visitors, ensuring GDPR and other privacy compliance standards are met.

🧐 How do I install the app on my Shopify store?

Simply visit the Shopify App Store, search for "Pasilobus Cookie Bar," and follow the on-screen instructions to install.

🎨 Can I customize the look and feel of the cookie bar?

Yes! Our app provides a range of customization options, from colors and fonts to the exact message you want to display.

🌎 Does the Pasilobus Cookie Bar App support multilanguage?

Yes, the app supports multiple languages to cater to a diverse range of customers.

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Stay compliant with privacy regulations and improve your customers' browsing experience with our GDPR-Compliant Cookie Bar app. Try it now and take the first step towards a better, more compliant store.