5 Killer Halloween Inspiration That Will Increase Sales

5 Killer Halloween Inspiration That Will Increase Sales

October is the time where most people look forward to fall because of the chilly air and the comforting aroma of pumpkin spice lattes. Also, for online shoppers the online Halloween discounts is a major part of the season's attractiveness.

Despite the common belief that Halloween is for kids, many adults also enjoy celebrating Halloween and they often spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on their own costumes, decorations, sweets, and party goods.

Shopify claims that Halloween is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. In 2021, Americans spent $10 million on Halloween. So, if you run an online store, you should take Halloween seriously.

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Marketing Inspirations for Halloween 🎃

It's important to create engaging and unique marketing strategies for Halloween in order to reach a wider audience, raise brand awareness, and boost sales. Here are five of our favorite Halloween marketing initiatives that you may get inspiration for to increase sales.

1. Heinz Tomato Blood

Ketchup makes the perfect fake blood for a Halloween costume. The limited edition "Tomato Blood" from Heinz is the next level. It's the same old ketchup, but with a new label that ups the spooky factor considerably.

2. Burger King #ScaryClownNight

Burger King gave away free Whopper burgers to the first 500 persons who came to certain Burger King locations dressed as clowns. The ad was marketed on YouTube with a spooky clown-filled film and the hashtag #ScaryClownNight.

3. Skoda Halloween

Skoda made a deliberate effort to reach out to the kid deep within each and every one of us. Its commercial features a little boy and an older version of himself, carving a face, one into a pumpkin and the other into an orange Skoda hood cover.

4. IKEA Singapore Halloween Ad

The commercial mimics the famous (and terrifying) corridor sequence from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (1980). They also announced a social media contest encouraging viewers to find hidden things inside the video for a chance to win IKEA products.

5. Booking.com Stay If You Dare

Customers may find anything they want on Booking.com, including haunted hotels. The Haunted Destinations finder features haunted locations all around the world, making it easy for curious explorers to locate their next spooky vacation spot.

Omnichannel Marketing for Halloween 👻

The creative idea alone isn't enough to make a successful Halloween campaign; you also need to have a solid plan and follow through with it. Think about omnichannel marketing while rolling out your campaign, not just to bring in new customers but to keep the ones you already have satisfied. Put your database to good use! Don't be afraid to scare them with your frightening emails.

You can also make minor, aesthetic adjustments to your online store to get your customers in the Halloween spirit. You can use the Hotdeals app to promote your store's Halloween sales. Visit this demo store to see how you can customize your Hotdeals widget. It is the one with "Spooky Deals" listed below: https://www.scientiabookhouse.com/

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Business owners should make more effort to celebrate Halloween; doing so will improve customer relationships. This is the year to break out the ghost stories and go Boo crazy. Doing scary things may help your company flourish.

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