Introducing Hotdeals: Convert visitors into customers

Introducing Hotdeals: Convert visitors into customers

We’ve reimagined and simplified on-site marketing so it’s even easier for you to manage and convey your daily deals to your visitors. Using the power of dialogue, Hotdeals lets you convert visitors into purchasers.

Pop-ups and widgets are quite widespread in the world of e-Commerce. Almost every website has a function that is similar to this. It's challenging, however, to keep track of all of the different widgets and tools available, let alone create a consistent brand experience across all of them at the same time.

Furthermore, the majority of these pop-ups are ineffectual. Users are constantly assaulted with advertisements and widgets, and as soon as they land on a page, they prefer to ignore such advertisements and gadgets.

We launched Hotdeals in order to address this issue and make marketing for online store owners more straightforward.


Promoting your website throughout the entire site will help you increase conversion rates.

With Hotdeals, you can make your discounts available on all pages of your website by including a floating button that you can position wherever on the page. Users can browse all of the discounts and discount coupons in one convenient location by simply clicking. Promoting your website throughout the entire site will help you increase conversion rates.

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Dealing with all of your on-site marketing in one place is made possible thanks to Hotdeals. You may now alter your widget, add daily specials, present discount codes, and do a variety of other things from your admin. There are additional animations available to help you improve the overall look and feel of your first presentation. Additionally, you can conceal the floating button and program any other button on your website to toggle the widget.

User engagement and navigation to deal pages are enhanced by the usage of Hotdeals, which saves clients time while driving conversions for your company.

Fewer distractions equal more sales

Google said in August of 2016 that they will be releasing an update on January 10, 2017, that would affect URLs that used obtrusive mobile popups or interstitials. The upgrade was scheduled to go live on January 10, 2017. For example, if a URL contained an interstitial that obscured a significant portion of the content, that URL could be downgraded in the mobile search results list. Since many users have been severely upset by aggressive mobile popups, the web as a whole has applauded the move.

Yes, you read that correctly: websites that use “intrusive interstitials” may be subject to a penalty. Pop-ups can, therefore, be detrimental to your SEO efforts if you do not adhere to Google's recommendations. Pop-ups that match specified requirements, such as mobile pop-ups that appear on the landing page immediately after arriving from a search engine results page and "cover the main content," are not targeted by the guidelines. Despite the fact that the algorithm is focused on mobile experience, it provides sufficient insight into what people want.

Make it as simple as possible for returning customers to do their shopping at your establishment. As an integral part of your online store's design, customers will acquire the habit of visiting the Hotdeals to view current promotions from a handy location.

The future of marketing is with Hotdeals

The importance of on-site marketing for your online store cannot be overstated. Given the increasing number of customers who shop and communicate with brands online, Hotdeals assists you in harnessing the potential of dialogue as a powerful sales channel. It is now easier than ever for you to increase sales, create strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support—all without ever leaving your admin dashboard.

We're looking forward to continuing to include more intelligence, insights, and sales methods into the product in order to assist retailers around the world in creating tailored shopping experiences for their customers.

Hotdeals works on any website and is also available on Shopify App Store for one-click installation

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