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Disable Sold-Out Variants

Making it crystal clear which product variants are in stock will help preve...

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Display SKU Numbers

SKUs are a sure way to identify products. We can make sure each variantโ€™s t...

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Add Product Reviews

Add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for you...

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Get customization information for products

Sell personalized products by allowing customers to choose customization op...

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"Added to cart" feedback

Similar to regular ajax add to cart functionality, this implementation allo...

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Add Dynamic checkout

Customers can use the dynamic checkout button to quickly buy the product th...

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Display thumbnails connected to selected variant

If you have multiple variants with multiple images representing each varian...

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Show VAT prices on your product pages

If your government requires you to show prices with taxes included, but you...

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Add Floating "Add to Cart" Button

If you have some product pages with long descriptions or multiple sections,...

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Add Product Image Zoom

When selling online, to make sure that your customers get the best view of ...

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Select product variants by clicking their images

Normally, variants are selected from a drop-down menu, however, customers t...

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Show different description/size chart based on selected variant

Show a different description or size chart base on the selected variant

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