4 Keys to Making an Offer eCommerce Customers Can't Refuse

4 Keys to Making an Offer eCommerce Customers Can't Refuse

About 80% of the U.S. population shops online. This means that there is a high demand for eCommerce products which keeps increasing year after year. One of the best ways to sell more and better is by creating offers. But this is not child’s play. You need to understand your target audience, their challenges, and their needs.

You should also be acquainted with the industry, deliver on what your offer promises, and have great copywriting skills. Making an offer to your customers ensures that your business progresses seamlessly and you develop lasting relationships with consumers.

Create an irresistible offer that your target customers can’t say no to.

Are you reaching your target audience but failing to convert them? Check out these four key ways of making an offer your customers will find truly compelling.

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

When making an offer for your ecommerce business, make it seem urgent so it’s more alluring. Having minimal risk and a great price isn’t always enough. People will like your product and may even agree that it will make their life easier, but fail to purchase it in the end.


Procrastination. As humans, we just need a sense of urgency to do a lot of things in our lives. Fortunately, there are some ways to encourage customers to purchase quickly, including:

Timed Events and Promotions

With this, you can have an offer with an expiration date. Create your urgency with scheduled promotions around events on your site, such as when launching new products.

Calendar Promotions

Consider planning your sales, promotions, and product launches around seasons or holidays. The time sensitivity of these periods will certainly create urgency to purchase your products.

Sneak Peeks

This builds anticipation for your next sales. Use sneak peeks images, preorders, email previews, and more several weeks ahead. Get your customers thrilled about what’s coming so they’ll be in the frame of mind to make a purchase.


Stress on your limited supply of products and let the laws of supply and demand create a sense of urgency naturally. Don’t forget to market the scarcity.

Whatever method you use above, make sure it’s sincere and not made up. This means if you say a discount lasts for a certain period, make sure it isn’t usable after that. This will make your customers trust you and condition them to how you want them to make purchases.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bend your own rules once in a while and extend sales, especially when the demand is already there.

2. Make Interesting Offers

Ensure your eCommerce offers are appealing to your target customers and make them more likely to make the purchase. A captivating offer should offer great value and be concise.

Firstly, there should not be any confusion about what you’re offering. This means you should avoid any form of deceit. If people are confused and feel like your offers are shady, they may never buy from you again.

To create an attractive offer, bring out your copywriting skills. Ensure the offer is clear and relevant. On top of that, use percentages, dates, and numbers to specify the discounts and timelines of your offer whenever necessary.

Secondly, make sure your offer provides real value to your customers. Don’t under-deliver or overpromise. In most cases, your offers may end up working against you if they don’t deliver great value. Your customers may ask for a refund or write a bad review.

3. Offer the Best Bonuses

It’s an undeniable fact that clients love bonuses. Just remember the number of times you have been swayed to purchase a product because it comes with a bonus.

Bonuses come in several forms. They may come as a discount, a gift card, an additional product, a voucher, and more. They are quite necessary for compelling your customers, especially new and undecided ones.

However, offering bonuses doesn’t mean you have to give a product away for free or lower your prices. Instead, focus on making your main and initial offer more valuable and captivating.

4. Utilize Risk Reversal Strategies

It’s pretty easy to make an offer if you’re a big brand like Apple or Nike since your customer base is already acquainted with the quality of your products.

But less-known businesses may struggle with this even with quality products. It’s quite easy for consumers to be skeptical about your brand, products, or company if they are not familiar with it.

The fact that you say you have a worthy product doesn’t mean people will buy from you. To make your customers confident enough to buy from you, you need to work on easing their concerns and assuring them that you will deliver on what your purchase offer promises. You can do this through risk reversal.

Risk reversal may double your conversion rates, making it vital in eCommerce marketing. To find an effective risk reversal strategy, you first need to understand the risks associated with your virtual store. Some of the effective strategies you can utilize include money-back guarantees or free trials.

This assures customers that they won’t lose their money on bad service or products. Hence, they are more likely to make a purchase and come back for more.

Risk reversal may also be accomplished through credibility. This can be achieved through engaging photos, user-friendly experiences on your e-store, mentions of other companies using your product, typo-free landing pages, and security certificates.

Need Help Making an Offer? Get in Touch

No doubt, converting customers to make a purchase is a little bit of a hassle. The above tips will help in making an offer that attracts your customers and increase your profits. All in all, ensure that your offers represent your brand and give you creditability in your niche.

If you need help making offers or converting your online shoppers, contact us today for help.

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